Users of accounting information are managers, financial institutions, investors, tax authorities, etc. and the accuracy of accounting activities is of key importance for each organization. Accounting data serve as a base of managerial decisions.
To respond your needs we offer:
  • Processing of your financial bookkeeping with modern EDP systems,
    VAT declarations and monthly profit and loss account

  • Processing of your payroll accounting and related services

  • Establishment of cost accounting system

  • Establishment of controlling system

  • Budgeting and target/actual comparison

  • Selecting and implementing EDP systems for inhouse accounting in your firm

> Client: Poligraphia PLC, PLovdiv town, Bulgaria
> Client: "Маritza 3" PLC, Dimitrovgrad town, Bulgaria
> Client: TEP "Bobov dol" PLC, Golyamo selo, Bulgaria
> Client: "Elenite" PLC, Plovdiv
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